about me (and the site)

some information and some questions


name: bucketfish (or ty) (or whatever, depends on how i know you)

pronouns: she/they(/fae/ae/rae)


no one asks me questions, so i ask myself.

how did you make this website?
html, css, and javascript. vanilla and no plugins :)

why so many rainbows? are you eight?
no, karen, i'm gay.

are you going to remake this website again?
probably, yeah, seeing how many times i've remade it already. and also for practice :)

why 'bucketfish'?
why not?

how many names do you have?
many! my most common names around the internet includes bucketfish, ty, fqdingsky, and fqd3. reasons.

why do you keep asking yourself questions no one would ask you anyways?
i like to type :) skjdfajkdf okay i'll stop now.