infocomm elections

exco 2022!


hello! welcome to my site, or more specifically, a page i put up for infocomm 2021 elections.

i'm jiang tongyu from class 304 of 2021, and i'm running to be your chairperson in exco 2022 :) this is my campaign! i hope you have fun reading it all!

click on these :)

source code for the page!

so you can check it out for yourself and pick it apart and idk, find secrets?

everything in this website, including the animation, text, style, etcetc, was all made purely with handwritten html, css, and javascript. no plugins or fancy tools used :)

here it is!

this website is hosted on neocities, a free website-hosting-sharing place! it's nice.

optional rickroll

i know i promised no rickrolls, but, infocomm culture,

here's an optional one!!! have fun :)

thank you! | jiang tongyu 2021