blog, of sorts?

i have a lot of thoughts and nowhere to put them.

school, again, and many updates • 3.7.2021

good morning! it's night right now. school's been in for a week and i'm absolutely drained and extremely tired and i feel like i completely forgot how to interact with others on anywhere other than discord, which is quite fascinating.

a few updates:

that is all. have a good day! i hope to have on too.

aaaaaaaaaa • 11.6.2021

unfortunate things happened to my website. some links might be broken, please let me know.

some parts of internet hates me today D:

rainbow • 8.6.2021

rainbow. rainbow rainbow rainbow.

i made a website • 7.6.2021

yooo! this website is up and running! i spent the past *inhales* 9 hours on this, give or take a couple for lunch. wow.

i have tons of time over the next couple of weeks, so i'll hopefully be updating more wooOOO i have lots of cool stuff in mind! not sure whether i'll ever get around to doing it but !! yay!

haven't been this invested in something for a while. that feels good.